Monthly Archives: June 2018

What It’s All About

Today was an “absolutely take your breath away”, beautiful day here in the mountains of Utah. I gave myself license to just enjoy it, appreciate it and to contemplate life if you will.

Brilliant clear blue skies, the sun filtering through the foliage and a strong breeze producing constantly changing shadows and patterns. If you can image the sound of the breeze through the leaves, birds in the trees and layers of sounds produced by water falling through a natural waterfall.

I felt incredibly privileged to be able to be here, perceive this and have the complexity of thought and experience to appreciate and value it. It spoke to quality of life and meaning.

My “work” is never more than a thought or a sensation away from the forefront of my consciousness. Today I could not avoid, nor did I try to resist, evaluating all of the sensory, perceptual, conceptual and experiential pieces that permitted me to so profoundly appreciate my day and my life.

My thoughts kept going to all of the children we see, all of the children I wish to help and all of the people who need help—to not only have the opportunity, but the faculties to perceive a beautiful day.

We work to help children see, to hear, to feel, to taste and smell, and to process enough pieces of information and to have a knowledge and experiential base to really experience and appreciate life.

Its not really about reading, math, writing, articulating, buttoning a button or brushing one’s teeth, running or kicking a ball—it’s really all about life and the pieces that we need to put together. The pieces that permit a child to gaze up into the sky and wonder about a cloud floating by, to smell the flowers, to hear the breeze through the trees and to breathe a deep breath, inhaling it all and appreciating life.

Today I was renewed and inspired to push harder, to understand more and to help more people realize, appreciate and encompass life.