It’s a Marathon – Part 2!

Yesterday I posted information about a fundraiser by one of our NACD moms. As Part 2 of the report of Roxane’s marathon training and fundraising efforts, please see her most recent note below:

Dear friends and family,

Miami Marathon for NACD FoundationI trained for 5 months. I ran in the Florida heat, through hurricane storms, on very dry days and soaked ones.

I woke up at the crack of dawn, or stayed up on a treadmill late at night.

I ran with hurt knees, injured toes, split shins, painful hips and even a broken shoulder once.

I ran easy and I ran hard. On beautiful days and some very dark.

I challenged myself to go just a little further each time. I kept telling myself I could do it, ignoring my body’s plea to quit.

And because I did all this, next week I will run a marathon, from mile one to twenty-six.

I swear I won’t fail; that part is easy. Because all I’ll have to do is remember: I am running for my daughter, to make sure other kids get to be just like her.

Thanks for your support; every dime and every step counts!


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