Raising Expectations

Today I was doing evaluations over Skype with one of my second-generation NACD families in Alaska. The mom of the three kids I was evaluating today is a physician, and back in the 80s was one of a group of little kids I used to see up in Anchorage. Talking to Chrystal, who is like family as many of our long term folks are, reminded me of one of the other little girls I saw back then. Carrie gave me one of my favorite NACD kid memories. Carrie’s mom had picked me up at the airport and was taking me to my hotel, and little 5-year-old Carrie was in the back seat. Carrie’s mom asked her to tell me what her two new words for the week were. Carrie responded with her very cute, but sophisticated, five-year-old voice that I can still hear. She said, “Bob, my two new words for the week are ‘obstreperous’ and ‘ebullient’.” I was obviously quite pleased and said, “Carrie, I love your new words; so tell me, are you obstreperous or ebullient?” She responded with, “Well, Bob, sometimes I’m obstreperous and sometimes I’m ebullient, but right now I’m rather tranquil.”

Don’t underestimate your children. They are capable of producing great things if you keep raising your expectations and providing them with a chance.