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Just the Way You Are

I just received this wonderful video today and wanted to share it. Steve Pankratz, an NACD dad in Bulgaria, unbeknownst to me wrote and performed this song about his son, Jaden, for an NACD Bulgarian Down Syndrome Conference last year. Steve and his wife, Tanja, organized this conference and made it possible for our staff to have the opportunity to address a large group of parents and professionals in Bulgaria over Skype. Steve and Tanja have really been helping to educate folks in Bulgaria about the potential of our children with Down Syndrome.

The interest and need in their part of the world is such that I’m delighted to be going over to Bucharest this May to see our great dedicated families from Romania, Bulgaria, and throughout the region. NACD has been very well received there, and we are seeing some really great changes with the kids. Great parents, like Steve and Tanja, who love and believe in the potential of their children are the same everywhere, and all of us at NACD feel very privledged and honored to be able to give them some help and guidance in their journey. Thanks to the Pankratz family for sharing this beautifully personal video with all of us.