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Good Morning, World!

IMG_7084I started my day with a double shot. When I get it I’m off and running, and when I don’t something is missing. My drive thru coffee shop of choice here in Ogden, The Daily Rise, starts my day off with a double shot of energy. The Daily Rise is not on my way to the office, but it’s well worth the extra few minutes of driving time and the wait (often there are half a dozen cars waiting at each of their windows). The slogan on the front of the building says, “Promoting Positive Energy, ” and they do know how to do it right. The building has drive thru windows on both sides, and as you drive up to the window you are greeted by each of the two, three, or sometimes four young energetic people making the coffee. With my travel schedule and days working from home, I’m a rather infrequent patron; but each and every time I drive up to the window I’m greeted by every employee by name, then one generally shouts out, “Bob, large house blend, two shots and cream.” And another shouts out, “Bob you’re looking good!” “How you doing today?” “Wow, I sure like that car.” They know my name, they know my drink, and they start my day on a high note and certainly promote positive energy. Today when I opened up my email I had a super email thank you card from one of our families and got another shot of positive energy.

Tough to beat positive energy—let’s all try and start our days with as much of it as we can.